Local Planning Agency (LPA)

Local Planning Agency

Effective February 2020, the LPA agenda will be posted on the website without the tabs/backup materials. This is part of the Village’s overall effort to make the Village website compliant with ADA accessibility standards. If you would like to view the tabs/backup materials, please Email Jamie Terry or call 305-664-6426 or Deputy Village Clerk Email Stephanie Conde or 305-664-6412 during business hours. Documents can be provided via email in pdf format. If ADA-accessible documents are needed, please specify them in your request.

About the Local Planning Agency

On January 23, 2003, the Village Council adopted Ordinance 03-03, which established Division 3.  "Local Planning Agency" of Article III, Chapter 30 of the Village Code.  Recognizing the value of resident input on planning issues, the Local Planning Agency (LPA) was established and given the general responsibility for the conduct of the comprehensive planning program, and to hear, review, and make recommendations to the Village Council on proposed amendments to the Village's Land Development Regulations, Comprehensive Plan and changes to the Official Zoning Map pursuant to Section 30-101 of the Village Code.

The Local Planning Agency consists of seven (7) members appointed by Council and one staff liaison. The LPA meets monthly at 5:30 PM, or as often as needed, and is comprised of the following members:

Staff Liaison:  Jennifer DeBoisbriand - Planning Director 

  • Cheryl Culberson
  • Patrick Foley
  • Deb Gillis 
  • Tony Hammon
  •  Lorie LaLonde
  • Susan Raffanello
  • James Rhyne 

If you would like information regarding the Local Planning Agency, please contact Email Jamie Terry or at 305-664-6426. If you are a resident of Islamorada and would like to apply for appointment to this, or any other committee, you may do so by contacting the Village Clerk.