Workforce/Affordable Housing Citizens' Advisory Committee


The Workforce/Affordable Housing Citizens' Advisory Committee was established by Resolution 04-05-28 and adopted by the Village Council on May 27, 2004. Subsequently, on April 9, 2015, through the adoption of Resolution 15-04-25, the committee title was changed to Achievable Housing Citizens' Advisory Committee in order to positively associate and encompass the goals and purposes of workforce and affordable housing. The Village Council sought to identify and protect the existing workforce and affordable housing supply. With this in mind, the Committee was established to provide valuable citizen input to staff and Council. The Committee researches, analyzes, and discusses ideas and strategies regarding the inventory and identification of existing workforce and affordable housing; identifies incentive sources for encouraging the protection of the Village's workforce and affordable housing supply; makes recommendations regarding the preservation and enhancement of the Village's workforce affordable housing supply; and makes recommendations for expenditures associated with the preservation of this supply. The Committee consists of eight (8) members who are appointed by the Village Council and one staff liaison. Committee members meet quarterly at 5:00 pm and may meet more frequently if needed. The current committee is comprised of the following members:

Staff Liaison:  Jennifer DeBoisbriand - Planning Director 

  • Pete Bacheler
  • Keith Douglass 
  • Greg Dully
  • Lindsay Fast
  • Don Horton (Chair)
  • Paige Presnell
  • Joan Scholz
  • Susan Walker

If you would like information regarding the Achievable Housing Citizens' Advisory Committee, please email Anita Muxo or call 305-664-6498. If you are a resident of Islamorada and would like to apply for an appointment to this or any other committee, you may do so by  contacting the Village Clerk.

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