Apply For A Filming Permit

Filming Permits

Filming Permits are coordinated through the Village Manager's Office. An approved Filming Permit is required for filming activities on any Village property or right-of-way. Applicants are directed to submit a completed Filming Permit Application at least seven (7) days prior to the filming event. Additional permits or special services may be required depending on the type of activities planned (i.e. bonfires, fireworks, filming on water or near roadways, use of Village facilities, etc.). Additional Sheriff’s Office support and/or Fire/EMS Department support requires the completion of separate forms and is subject to fees. Damage/Security deposit may be required.

Applicant must hold the Village harmless from any and all liability for damages arising out of, or related to, your activities in Islamorada. Permitted activities rely upon the Village receiving an executed Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement. The Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement is provided as part of the Filming Permit Application.

The application will be considered for approval upon receipt of all the following

  • Completed and signed the application form.
  • Certificate of insurance meeting all requirements listed on the application form.
  • release and identification form signed by the authorized representative and notarized.
  • Completion of additional permits as may be required.

Applicants shall acknowledge that approved filming permits are for the use of Village properties, facilities, and/or rights-of-way. Filming permits do not permit Applicant to block or obstruct any portion of any private property or permit access to any private property within the Village. Any and all authorizations to use or block the use of any private property must be made through agreements between the Applicant and each private property owner. The Village shall bear no responsibility for or be a party to any such agreements.

Applicants are responsible for the removal of all trash and debris. Public dumpsters and trash cans may not be used for disposal of Applicant’s debris. Damage/security deposit and Special Conditions may apply.

Filming Permit Application can be found here.