Village Manager

Islamorada operates under the council-manager form of municipal government. Under the council-manager form, the manager is the chief administrative officer of the Village providing the primary source of leadership to the administration and staff, directing the operations of all municipal functions, and taking responsibility for the supervision and efficient operation of Village departments. The principal standards in the council-manager form are administrative competence and efficiency.

The Village Manager supervises and coordinates the departments, appoints and removes department directors, prepares the budget for the council’s consideration, and makes reports and recommendations to the Village Council. All department heads report to the Village Manager. The Village Manager is fully responsible for municipal administration.

Working closely with the department directors, the Village Manager coordinates the provision of services to the residents, assumes responsibility for asserting a leadership role in the community, and strives to improve intergovernmental relationships. The Village Manager assists the Village Council in developing policy proposals and program alternatives, establishing long-range goals and objectives of the Village, and determining revenue-saving options.

The Mayor in a council-manager form of government is the ceremonial head of the municipality and presides over council meetings. The Mayor is an important political figure but does not have a role in day-to-day municipal administration. In Islamorada, the Mayor is appointed by fellow members of the Village Council for a one-year Mayoral term.

The Village Manager is available to speak with residents about any topic of concern or general Village matters. Office hours are 8 am to 5 pm at the Administrative Office and Public Safety Headquarters located at 86800 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, Florida. Calling ahead to make to appointment is recommended.