Planning & Development Services

Now accepting all planning applications via CityView Portal.

The Planning and Development Services Department, under the authority and policy direction of the Village Council, is responsible for administering the Village’s land use plan including the provision of comprehensive planning and assisting in the permit processing services. The department is responsible for developing, implementing, and ensuring compliance with the Village’s Comprehensive Plan and land use ordinances and regulations, reviewing and processing development permits, carrying out long-range planning projects, and providing oversight and protection of the Village’s environmental resources.

The department prepares data and analysis pertaining to land use for use by the public and other agencies. The department’s GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and graphics capabilities support the department's decision-making, enhance the community's public participation process, and provide services to the residents of Islamorada through strategic planning, data analysis, map preparation, and the pursuit of grants.

The department provides information and assistance to the public and property owners. The department emphasizes public participation by employing various techniques including meetings with individuals and groups, facilitating workshops, and conducting formal public hearings. Outreach to the public is accomplished through mailings, press releases, and advertising.

The Planning Department also acts as a liaison to numerous Village committees and intergovernmental working groups including the Local Planning Agency,  the Carrying Capacity Study, the Achievable Housing Citizens Advisory Committee, the Historic Preservation Commission, and the County’s Local Mitigation Strategy Workgroup.

Effective July 1, 2023, pursuant to the Live Local Act (SB102), if an applicant believes it is entitled to expedited processing of an application for a building permit or development order, the applicant shall advise the Village upon submission of the application of the statutory basis entitling it to expedited processing.  The Village shall give applications for building permits or development orders that are entitled to expedited processing first priority and applicants may expect that such applications will be reviewed and processed quicker than other applications.