Village Manager Search


In December 2020, the Village Council chose to utilize the services of an executive search firm to conduct the process to fill the Village Manager position. Through a request for proposal process, Colin Baenziger& Associates was chosen to conduct the Village Manager search.

The services to be provided by Colin Baenziger & Associates include but are not limited to conducting a needs assessment, developing a position description, preparing recruitment and advertising materials, recruiting, evaluating and screening of candidates, notifying candidates during process, preparing and presenting candidate materials, and assistance with finalist interviewing and selection.

The timeline for the process, shown below, was provided for a Village Council Workshop held on February 24, 2021. The emphasis of the workshop was to discuss the characteristics preferred for a new Village Manager to be utilized by Colin Baenziger & Associates to create a recruitment brochure and evaluate the candidates as the process moves forward.

The recruitment brochure was created and the position was advertised, on schedule, beginning March 12, 2021 with an application deadline of April 9, 2021. Utilizing the planned timeline for the search process, the selection of candidates for interviews is scheduled to occur May 20 and a hiring decision could be made by the Village Council on June 2, 2021. 

The Village Council welcomes community input and asked for public input submitted via email to the Village Clerk to be distributed to all Council Members and to Colin Baenziger. Please use the subject line “Village Manager Search Input” for your emails to

   Proposed Project Schedule       
   Colin Baenziger & Associates (“CB&A”)             February 11, 2021
   Phase 1: Needs Assessment / Information Gathering

February 24, 2021: CB&A begins meeting with the Mayor and Council Members and any other suggested stake holders to understand the job and its challenges.
March 2, 2021: CB&A submits the draft of the full recruitment profile to the City for its review.
March 9, 2021: City provides comments on the proposed recruitment profile.

   Phase 2: Recruiting

March 12, 2021: CB&A posts the full recruitment profile on its website and submits it to the appropriate publications. It is also e-mailed to over 13,800 local government professionals.
April 9, 2021: Closing date for submission of applications.
April 14, 2021: CB&A reports on the results of the recruitment.

   Phase 3: Screening, Reference Checks and Credential Verification

May 10, 2021: CB&A forwards its candidate report and materials to the City electronically. These will include the candidates’ resumes, the candidate introduction, and the results of our reference, background and Internet/newspaper archives checks.
May 20, 2021: City selects candidates for interviews.

   Phase 4: Interview Process Coordination and City Manager Selections

June 1, 2021: City provides a city tour and possibly holds reception for finalists.
June 2, 2021: One-on-one and full city council interviews and decision.

   Phase 5: Negotiation, Warranty & Continuing Assistance

CB&A works with the city representatives and the selected candidate on an employment agreement.

View the February 24, 2021 Village Council Workshop.
View or download the Islamorada Village Manager Recruitment Brochure.
Email the Village Clerk.