Water Quality Improvement Citizens' Advisory Committee

The Water Quality Improvement Citizens' Advisory Committee was established by Resolution 00-07-21 and adopted by the Village Council on July 27, 2000. The creation of the committee was prompted by The State of Florida mandating the implementation of a wastewater treatment system within the Village as well as the need to adopt wastewater and stormwater master plans. Furthering the need for the committee, was the desire to protect the near shore waters of Islamorada. The water quality of the near shore and offshore marine water of the Village has a significant impact on the marine ecosystem, recreational and commercial fisheries, tourism economy, and quality of life for Village residents. The Committee provides valuable citizen input to staff and Council regarding suggestions for water quality improvement and methods for accomplishing suggested improvements.

The Committee consists of ten (10) members who are appointed by the Village Council and one staff liaison. Committee members meet quarterly at 5:30 PM and may meet more frequently if needed. The current committee is comprised of the following members: 

Staff Liaison: Peter Frezza
David Makepeace (Chair)
Larry Barr (Vice Chair)
Audrina Ennis
Fred Feitel
Charlie Abounader
Joan Scholz
Doug Rabe
Clyde Upchurch
Kelly Cox
Dave Petkovich

If you would like information regarding the Water Quality Improvement Citizens' Advisory Committee, please contact staff liaison Peter Frezza at peter.frezza@islamorada.fl.us or at 305-664-6427. If you are a resident of Islamorada and would like to apply for appointment to this, or any other committee, you may do so by downloading the Committee Application Form.