Island Silver & Spice Building Update
Future Of Site To Be Discussed Following Demolition
J. A. LoRocco Enterprises is in the process of finalizing its contract and demolition permits with the Village after being approved to demolish the former Island Silver and Spice building in Islamorada.
Public Works Director A.J. Engelmeyer said a demolition date should be announced soon. Council approved LoRocco for the demolition during the January 27, 2022, regular meeting at Founders Park Community Center. Services also include the removal of debris from the site, 81981 Overseas Highway, as well as placing and compacting fill on the lot. The cost to demolish the nearly 14,000-square-foot building is $53,400.
“The Council has not made any concrete decision about what to do with the property after the building is demolished, so once it is, they will begin that discussion,” Engelmeyer said.
The building will be leveled, then the area will be covered with gravel, he said.  
At its special meeting of July 21, 2021, the Village Council authorized staff to make an offer to purchase the property, owned by Walgreen Co. The closing occurred on December 17, 2021, at a cost of $2.75 million. Upon completing the purchase of the property, the Village identified demolition of the abandoned derelict building, built in 1956, as a priority due to life safety
To expedite demolition of the building, Village staff reached out to four local contractors utilized for demolition projects by the Village previously and requested cost quotes. Two contractors, J. A. LaRocco Enterprises, Inc., and Native Construction submitted quotes to the Village. The other two contractors did not respond.
Prior to being owned by Walgreen Co., the building was a department store which sold goods such as stationary, gifts, clothes, cookware, furniture and seasonal items.