Fills Master Plan Workshop Held
Feedback Survey Now Closed
CPH, Inc. hosted a workshop at Founders Park Community Center Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022, as part of the "Discussion" phase of the community-driven master planning process for the Fills. The hybrid event was available for virtual and in-person attendance and was also broadcast on Comcast channel 77.
Javier Omana, Director of Land Planning Services at CPH, Inc., led the discussion and presented two concepts for The Fills, which is owned by the state and managed by the Village.
“We have had stakeholder interviews, questionnaires, the red dot/green dot exercise (held in December)… We have the previous Council’s wish list and a multitude of information going back to 2010,” Omana said about plans for The Fills, which is composed of Tea Table Fill, Indian Key Fill, and Lignumvitae Key Fill. The area stretches between mile markers 79.6 and 77.7.
Both “visions” presented by Omana were similar in that trail enhancements, restrooms, minimized parking, recreational water access, and planting of native vegetation/mangrove protection were prioritized. View the conceptual plans for amenities at each key comprising the Fills here. Construction would be in a phased approach as priorities are established and funds allow.
Vision A includes a trail head at the north end of The Fills which could possibly include parking, a gazebo and an information center. A trolley could make stops at each Fill while transporting kayakers and paddleboarders. Vision B does not include a trail head, but does include a trolley plan.
Both concepts show Tea Table Fill as having a kayak launch area, pavilions, limited parking and trail realignment.
Indian Key Fill would be the “activity fill,” Omana said. It could include a boat ramp, kayak launch, trolley stop, pavilions and limited parking.
Lignumvitae Key Fill could potentially be blocked off to vehicular traffic, but both visions include a trolley stop and planting of native vegetation.
The survey input will be compiled into a final vision plan concept to be presented to the Village Council on February 17, 2022. Additionally, CPH will seek guidance from the Council regarding presentation of the plan to the Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
"Discussion" is the fourth phase of The Fills Vision Master Plan, and was preceded by "Design," "Discovery" and "Dream" phases. The second part of the “Discussion” phase will be CPH’s presentation to the Council on Feb. 17. The final phase of the Master Plan process will be the “Document” phase, with a target date of March 10, 2022, for the design report.
To learn more about The Fills Master Plan, click here.

The Master Plan is slated to be finalized in April 2022. We encourage everyone in the community to be a part of this master planning effort.

ADA Assistance:
These meetings are open to the public. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, all persons who are disabled and who need special accommodations to participate in this meeting because of that disability should contact the ADA Coordinator at (305) 664-6448 or by email at at least 48 hours before the scheduled meeting.