Flea Markets Are Not Currently Permitted in Islamorada
Temporary Use Permits may be Considered after COVID-19 Restrictions are Lifted

Events referred to as “Farmers’ Markets” have been occurring weekly or monthly at the following locations in Islamorada:

80925 Overseas Highway
81001 Overseas Highway
88720 Overseas Highway

The Village’s Development Services Director has determined that these events are more appropriately classified as flea markets and/or sidewalk sales, not “farmers markets” where strictly locally grown farm products are sold.  Flea markets require a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) from the Village pursuant to the Village’s land development regulations.  Due to COVID-19, the Village is not issuing TUPs at this time.  Issuance of TUPs for events outside of Founders Park as well as conduct of events within Founders Park were suspended by the Village Council through April 1, 2021.  If a flea market or large sidewalk sale event occurs, citations will be issued by the Village’s Code Compliance Officers and the event will be closed down. 

These flea market / sidewalk sale events will be re-evaluated after the suspension on issuance of TUPs due to COVID-19 has ended. The Village has received a number of complaints from the general public about insufficient parking leading to parking on bike paths and on private property. Negative impact on traffic surrounding those areas and failure of vendors to wear masks and abide by Monroe County-established COVID-19 restrictions are other complaints that the Village has received. Businesses hoping to expand sales through flea markets and sidewalk sales have an obligation to ensure their facilities have the capacity to accommodate the expansion in accordance with the Village’s land development regulations. This is in the interest of public health and safety.

Questions and comments can be directed to the Development Services Director Ty Harris at planningdirector@islamorada.fl.us or 305-570-9524.