Public Information Officer Mary Swaney

Islamorada Residents Encouraged to Have COVID-19 Antibody testing


To improve understanding of the local impact of the coronavirus and COVID-19, the Village Council encourages Islamorada residents and people employed by Islamorada businesses to participate in COVID-19 antibody testing. You do not need to have symptoms to be tested. If you do have symptoms, please contact your primary physician. If you develop shortness of breath, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room right away.

Testing for those with medical insurance:
If you have medical insurance, you should first contact your primary care physician to ask if the office is offering the antibody testing. If your primary care physician is not offering the testing, the following local medical offices will provide the test for people with medical insurance that are not patients of their office. Testing is by appointment only.

Advanced Urgent Care, 100460 Overseas Hwy., Key Largo, FL 305-294-0011. New patients can register by phone. 

Islamorada Medical Center, Dr. Miguel Diaz, Dr. Xavier Ramos, Dr. Nikole Czapp, 90130 Overseas Hwy., Tavernier, FL 305-852-9300 or scheduling@asapmedicine.com. Medical insurance covers all costs. If paying out of pocket, you will need to pay the $95.00 cost of the test at the time of the appointment. 

CHI Tavernier, 91200 Overseas Hwy., #17, Tavernier, FL 305-743-0383. For this office, you will need to register as a new patient before making an appointment to receive the testing. To register and make an appointment for a COVID-19 antibody test, please call 305-252-4820. Request your appointment with Dr. Martinez in the Tavernier Office. 

CHI Tavernier provides a sliding-scale fee for people without insurance.

Testing for those without medical insurance:

People without medical insurance due to low income or recent unemployment may contact the Good Health Clinic, 92555 Overseas Hwy. #2, Tavernier, FL 305-853-1788. New patients will need to complete the application process before testing; the application takes 48 hours to be evaluated for approval. Visit www.thegoodhealthclinic.org for more information and click on the "BECOME A PATIENT" tab for the patient application.

Advanced Urgent Care is now providing testing for those uninsured, 100460 Overseas Hwy., Key Largo, FL 305-294-0011. New patients can register by phone.

Blood donation option:
There is also the option of donating blood at any of the blood mobiles to receive a free antibody test. Donors receive a wellness checkup including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, iron count and cholesterol screening and those able to successfully donate receive a free COVID-19 antibody test. A blood drive is scheduled at Founders Park on Tuesday, June 30 from 9AM to 2PM. Visit https://www.oneblood.org/donate-now/ and use your zip code to find nearby mobile blood drives.

If your COVID-19 Antibody Test is Positive:
People with a positive result on the antibody test will be referred to their primary care physician for COVID-19 virus testing to determine whether the virus is still active in the body and potentially contagious. Islamorada Medical Center listed above will also provide the virus test; the office will bill medical insurance or will need to pay the $110.00 cost of the test.