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Why register for CityView Portal?

Create and Activate a Portal Account

Contractor License Registration (Required to do work in the Village)

Contractor License Renewal (Required Annually)

Renew your Planning Applications (Vacation Rental, Dog Friendly Restaurant, A-Frame Sign)

Add a Contact to an Existing Application

Linking portal accounts

Why can't I find my Building Permit or Planning Application?

Where can I find forms?

Electronically sign and notarize forms and documents

Submit a Building Permit Application

Submit a Planning Application

File a Code Enforcement Complaint

Apply for a Political Signage Permit

Save your application to complete at a later time

Pay fees on an existing application

How do I obtain my Permit Card?

Request Annual Fire Inspection (Commercial Buildings)

Request a Fire & Life Safety Inspection (Vacation Rentals)

Request a building inspection

Cancel an inspection request

Submit Corrections or Additional Documents

Upload documents

Add a contact to an electronically submitted application

Submit a Revision to a Building Permit Application

Request a Permit Extension

Renew an Expired Permit