RFP 23-07 GREEN TURTLE HAMMOCK NATURE PRESERVE IMPROVEMENTS Pavilion Building, Community Kayak Launch and Shoreline Restoration


A “Cone of Silence” is hereby imposed prohibiting communications in connection with this bid or the Project. The Cone of Silence shall be in effect from the time of issuance of this bid through the time the services or Project procured through this bid are formally awarded through the approval of the Village Council.

Any communications regarding this bid or the Project between: a potential Proposer or Firm, including any person acting on a Proposer’s behalf, and the Village Council members, Village staff, including the Village Manager and his staff, Village employees and consultants, and any member of the Village’s Evaluation Committee are prohibited.

Duration of Cone of Silence.  The Cone of Silence shall terminate upon approval of the contract by the Village Council. 

Exceptions to Applicability. The provisions of this Cone of Silence shall not apply to: 

  1. Oral communications at scheduled pre-proposal conferences or meetings.
  2. Formal oral presentations or interviews before the Evaluation Committee as requested by the Evaluation Committee and publicly noticed in advance.
  3. Public presentations made to the Village Council members during any duly noticed public meeting.
  4. Communications in writing at any time with the Village Clerk, designated responsible for administering the procurement process for this bid document, provided the communication pertains to matters of process or procedure set forth in this bid document, unless specifically prohibited by this bid document.
  5. Duly noticed site visits during the time period between the opening of Proposals and the time the Village Council considers the final selection and award of the Proposals.
  6. Written questions or requests from Proposers for clarification or information in this bid document to the Village Clerk, responses to the Proposer’s questions or requests for clarification or additional information, and Addenda issued by the Village to this bid document.
  7. Contract negotiations during any duly noticed public meeting.

Penalties.   Violation of this Cone of Silence by a particular Proposer or Firm, Firm members or personnel, shall render any Proposal submitted in response to the bid disqualified.

Questions Regarding the Cone of Silence.  Please contact the Village Clerk with any questions concerning compliance with the Cone of Silence.