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Freebee Service Expanded to Three Tavernier Locations Near MM 91.5

Tavernier Town Center
Mariners Hospital Complex
Good Health Clinic

In response to requests from Islamorada residents to use Freebee get to a medical appointment and to businesses in the Tavernier Town Center, the Village is happy to announce that beginning June 15, 2021, the service was expanded to serve three specific locations at the south end of Tavernier. The locations are exclusively the Tavernier Town Center, the Mariners Hospital Complex and the Good Health Clinic. The expanded service is being provided by Freebee at no additional cost to the Village.

All rides must either begin or end in Islamorada. A Freebee rider can travel from a location in Islamorada to one of the Tavernier locations now offered and can travel back from the Tavernier location to Islamorada. Rides that both begin and end north of the Tavernier Creek Bridge are not allowed.

Notice May 27, 2021: Freebee Resumes Shared Rides. Masks continue to be required.

The Freebee Electric Vehicle Ridesharing Service has become increasingly popular. Many residents are now trying it for the very first time. As new cases of COVID-19 have decreased and the percentage of vaccinated people has increased, the ridesharing service will resume its original method of providing service - ridesharing.

This means that if you call for a ride, a second group of riders may be picked up if the stop is on their way to your destination. The social setting is part of the popularity of Freebee and the return to ridesharing will increase the level of service with reduced wait times.

Masks will continue to be required for drivers and riders.

Download the Ride Freebee app from the App Store or from Google Play

No smart phone? Call 855-918-3733 to request a ride.

Three vehicles able to service the entire distance of the Village

Freebee provides a door-to-door transportation service free to the public with environmentally friendly electric vehicles. Rides are available from the north (approximately Mile Marker 90) to the south end (approximately Mile Marker 72) of the Village. As of June 15, 2021, riders can also access businesses near Mile Marker 91.5 in Tavernier, specifically the Tavernier Town Center, the Mariners Hospital Complex and the Good Health Clinic.

Two larger vehicles accommodate a group of up to nine people and can travel on the highway and cross bridges. On April 21, 2021, the smaller golf cart type vehicle that was only able to provide service in "downtown Islamorada" was upgraded to a Tesla Model X. The new Tesla can also transport passengers the entire distance of Islamorada. 

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10am to 10pm

Thursdays 11am to 11pm
Fridays from 11am to midnight,
Saturdays from 12pm to midnight
Sundays from 11am to 8pm

Download the Ride Freebee app from the App Store or from Google play. If you don't have a smart phone, you may call 855-918-3733 to request a ride.

Freebee picks up customers right at their home, hotel or a business within Islamorada. Request a ride and jump on board the electric vehicle to visit your favorite Islamorada destination. It’s not only a fun alternative transportation option – it reduces traffic congestion, addresses drinking and driving and reduces the Village’s carbon footprint.

The Freebee Electric Vehicle Ridesharing Service began providing transportation on Upper Matecumbe Key in November 2018. The Village was able to expand the popular Freebee program to serve all of Islamorada in March 2020 with two new larger electric vehicles that can drive on the highway and cross bridges. The addition of the Tesla Model X is an upgrade to the Village-wide service.

Local business interested in advertising on a Freebee vehicle or on the Freebee app can contact Freebee Community Manager Matt Friedmann
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