How to save your application to complete at a later time?

Applications created through Portal can now be saved while in process and submitted later.

The “Save Application for Later” button will appear at every step of the Permit and Planning application process. Clicking this button will prompt the user with a confirmation message (displayed below) before saving the application for later. Once the user confirms that they want to save the application, all information about the application will be saved and any documents will be transferred to the Portal Document Repository.  Applications that are saved, but not submitted will get a temporary reference number (e.g. TMPPR201700001) until the application is submitted.

Save Application For Later

Applicants can resume any saved applications from their My Items page on Portal.

My Items

When the registered Portal user selects the "Resume this Application" button, the user will be able to continue adding information from where they left off. Applicants can decide to save the application again or submit it.

Applicants also have the option to discard any saved applications from their My Items page, using the "Discard Application" button. Clicking this button will prompt the user with a confirmation message. Once the user confirms they want to discard the application, the record is Canceled, and all saved documents will be deleted from the Portal Repository.

Resume Application

In addition, saved applications will automatically expire after 30 days. The applicant will be sent a message 5 days before their application will expire, reminding them that their application will expire, and they will lose their saved data.

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