How to submit a building permit application?

NOTE: An active Portal Account is needed to apply for a permit. Please refer to our FAQ “Create and activate a Portal Account” to learn how to create your account.

STEP 1: Portal Home Page. Log In to your Portal Account using the “Sign In” link.

STEP 2: Under the Building Department section, select “Apply for a Building Permit

Login Home Page

STEP 3: Permit Application – Description and Type Page. Using the drop-down lists, choose your application type and nature of work (work class). Then describe your scope of work in the box provided. Select your Construction Type. If you know the Square Footage of your area of work, input that information. Total valuation of the job is required next. Click “Next Step: Work Items” button.

Description and Type 1

NOTE: if you get interrupted or need to gather more documents while in the process of submitting your application, you can use the “SAVE THIS APPLICATION FOR LATER” button found on each tab of the application process. Check out the FAQ, “How do I save my application for later?” to learn more about saving applications.

STEP 4: Permit Application – Location of Work Being Done. If the location of your work (job site) is the same as the address that you registered your portal account with, you can check the box “Use my location” and your address will populate in “The location you have selected” field.

Otherwise, “Search for Address” by typing the street address or parcel number in the auto-suggest box. Once the location populates, you can select it and it will populate in “The location you have selected” box.

Location of Work 1.5

Lastly, if “Search for Address” does not populate the desired location, use the “Can’t find address?” link and complete the fields in the pop-up box. Click "Use this Location" and you will be brought back to the previous page. Once the location of the project is added, click “Next Step: Contacts” button.

Location 2

STEP 5: Permit Application – Contacts Page. The Property Owner(s) of the job site will auto-populate and you will automatically be assigned as the “Applicant”.

Contacts 3

Please add any Agents or Contractors by using “Add Business or Contact from Address Book” link. Our Address Book will appear, and you can select the Contact Type (i.e.: Primary Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Agent, etc.) then “Search for a Person or Licensee” in the auto-suggest box. Click “Add this Contact” button. Repeat this process for each contact.

Add Contacts 4

Once you have added all your contacts, click “Next Step: Upload Files

Contacts List 5

STEP 6: Permit Application – Upload Documents Page. Read and abide by the Guidelines for Electronically Submitting Documents. Just below these guidelines is a list of all required documents for your application type. Attach each document by clicking the “Browse…” button for each line item. If you have a document that is not listed and want to include it (i.e.: sub-contractor sign-on), use the “Upload Additional Documents” section and provide a description of the document in the box provided. If you have more than one additional document, please upload them individually. This section allows for multiple submissions, just use the “Browse…” button for each entry. Once all your documents are attached, click the “Next Step: Review & Submit” button. You will be notified via pop-ups that your documents are being uploaded and that the upload is complete. Click “OK”.

Submittals 6.

STEP 7: Permit Application – Review & Submit Page. The next screen displays a summary of your information to review. You must scroll to the bottom of the page and input your name in the “Agreement Signature” section, duplicate the characters in the Captcha just below the image, then click the “Submit Application” button.

Step 9 Agreement

STEP 8: Permit Application – Submitted Page. Once you submit the application, the next page is application summary. The Permit Number will appear in red font near the top of the page along with the deposit fee total and a “Pay Fees Online” button.

Step 10 Submitted and Pay

STEP 9: If you elect to use our online payment option, click the “Pay Fees Online” button.

NOTE: Convenience Fees apply; $0.75 if using a check or 3.5% of the total fee if using a Credit Card. Other payment options if you prefer: you may contact our Cashier over the phone and we will accept your Credit Card payment with a Convenience Fee of 2.75% of the total fee, mail a check to the Village, or visit the Administration Office and pay with cash, credit card, or check.

NOTE: Your application will not be reviewed until payment is tendered.

Once the “Pay Fees Online” button is clicked, the next screen displays the fee type and amount owing. Click “Make Payment” button and you will be brought to our 3rd party payment gateway.

Make Payment 7

STEP 10: Payment Gateway Page (if electing to pay online). Be sure all fields in the Payee Information and Billing Address sections are filled in.

The Credit Card section is expanded by default. If you prefer to pay by ACH/Check, click on that section and it will collapse the Credit Card section and expand the check section.

Input your payment information and click “Submit”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when inputting your payment information, DO NOT use any dashes, slashes, or spaces!

Step 12 Payment Gateway

Once your payment is submitted, you will be brought back to CityView. Click the “Continue” button and the entire summary of your Permit Application will populate.

Print Receipt (1)

Step 14 Permit Application Summary

If you want to print your receipt, scroll down on the Summary Page to the “Documents & Images” Section. There you will find links to all of your uploaded documents for viewing or printing purposes.

Step 15 Documents

STEP 11: Sign Out. Use the “Sign Out” link to close out your CityView session.

22 Sign Out

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