How to electronically sign and notarize forms and documents?

The Village’s forms are fillable PDF’s which means they can be completed and signed electronically.

To complete the entire form electronically you must obtain a verifiable digital signature. *See digital signature information below. If you choose not to obtain a verifiable digital signature, you may print the completed form, sign before a Notary, have the Notary stamp applied, scan and save the form then upload through CityView Portal as a submittal.

NOTE: A verifiable digital signature is in lieu of the Notary stamp.

Completing the entire form(s) electronically:

Download the form(s) and input the necessary information in the areas provided and save. Then upload the document through CityView Portal as a submittal.

*Digital signature(s) must be verifiable. Self-signed or self-issued digital signatures do not have a Trusted Certificate (TC) and therefore cannot be verified. You can obtain a digital signature through a reputable third-party Certificate Authority (CA) who will hold your electronic signature’s Trusted Certificate (TC). When you apply your digital signature to a form, we can verify the signature(s) through the Certificate Authority.

If you are completing a form that requires two or more signatures, ensure all previous signer(s) allow for editing. Otherwise, only the final signature will be verifiable.

The Village does not endorse one CA over another. You can Google for CA selections or Adobe offers an Approved Trust List (AATL). Click HERE for Adobe’s CA list.

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