Why can't I find my Building Permit or Planning Application?

Please go through a few checks to check why you can't find your Building Permit or Planning Application:

Are you a “Registered Portal User”

  • If not, please register. We have a FAQ “Create and activate a Portal Account” for your convenience.

If yes, did you “Verify Your Portal Account”?

  • Once you have completed the registration, you will be sent an Email requesting verification of the account. This step is imperative to activate the registration.

Is your Portal Account a "Contact" on the application for which you are searching?

  • If your portal account is not a Contact on the application, your privileges are restricted to viewing the application summary. If you believe you should be listed on the application, please contact the “Primary Contractor”, “Property Owner”, or the Village. You may be asked to provide documentation to be added to the application.

Last check… If you are registered, have activated your account, and your portal account is a Contact on the application but are still having trouble, contact the Village to confirm your Contact Information is correct, complete, and not duplicated in our address book.

  • We must resolve any duplicate entries of your Contact Information so all your permits, applications, and cases will be linked and not lost. If you have multiple entries in our address book, they must be linked to the address book entry of your Registered Portal Account.

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