How to link portal accounts?

Linking Portal Accounts to Licensees

CityView gives you the option to let portal Registrants link their Portal account to a Business or Contractor account. The functionality for Registered users to link their accounts is available when creating new accounts and for existing accounts. 

When a contractor or business owner registers for a Portal account, they expect that all of their previous activity (application, cases, etc.) will be available to them on Portal. This is true only if their Portal account is linked to the business account that exists in CityView. If they register using the email account they gave when applying for or renewing their license, CityView will match their Portal account to their business account automatically and ask if they want to link the accounts. If there is no email account for the business on file, or they register using a different email address, they will need their License or Issuance number to be able to link their account.

Only One Link Per Account

It is important to note that only ONE portal registration account can be linked to each business or contractor license record. If a business has multiple employees, best practice is to use Portal under one registered user account for the company, rather than individual accounts and email addresses, when submitting applications, paying fees, uploading documents, or renewing licenses. Users requesting an inspection through Portal can use their individual email account for notification when they make the request. If a second registrant links their account to a license record, the first link will be broken. 

Linking New Portal Accounts

If a user is registering for a new portal account, CityView will match the email account on the registration page with any existing Licensee records. If a match is found, the user will be presented with the list of businesses or contractors that match the email address they entered for their registration.  They can choose to link the new account to one of the businesses in the list, or create a new contact without linking the account.

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