How to register for contractor license? (Required to do work in the Village)

New Contractor Account with Portal Registration

From the CityView Portal Home Page,

Click on “Apply for NEW Contractor File with the Village” link.

Contractor Lisence Image

Input THE NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS in the Contractor Name field.

Input contractor type, i.e.: general, plumbing, electrical, etc.

Click Next Step,

Contractor Reg Basic Info 12

Complete the Business Mailing Address and Contact Number Information Section.

NOTE: Please maintain the Preferred Contact Method as Email and the Contact Number "Type" as Primary. You may add additional numbers/types if necessary.

Contractor Reg Contact Info 22

Next Step: Additional Contacts  NOTE: it is not necessary to add any additional contacts so the system will bring you directly to the page to upload your documents.

Under Submittals/Upload Additional Documents section, use the “Browse” button and attach each document individually. CLARIFICATION: click the Browse button, attach the State License, click the Browse button, attach the Business Tax Receipt, click the Browse button, attach the Worker’s Comp, click the Browse button, attach the Liability. You will see each document listed each time you attach. Once ALL documents are attached, click the Next Step Review and Submit button.

Contractor Reg Submittal 32

Ensure all information is correct then scroll down to the CAPTCHA.

Enter the CAPTCHA displayed in the box below it.

9 Captcha

Click “Submit Application”.

NOTE: you cannot pay the Contractor Registration Fee until you create a Portal Account.

Now click the "Register" link…this process will create a Portal Account for your business.

2-1_New Sign In or Register

Input the Business Email address, confirmation Email address, and a password/confirm password.

Click Next Step: Contact Information.

New Registration

Your Business Account will display and all you need to do is click the “Register as this Licensee”.

13 Found Business Acct

Complete the CAPTCHA.
Click “OK”.

14 Registration Captcha

NOTE: be sure to ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT! Notice the statement in the picture below… “A confirmation email has been sent to (whatever your Email address is). Please allow up to 30 minutes for the email to arrive. Please click on the hyperlink contained in the email to activate your account.”

Contractor Reg Complete 52

Once you activate the account, you can pay the Contractor Registration Fee by logging into your portal account

NOTE: if you kept Portal open as you went to your Email to activate the account, you must REFRESH YOUR BROWSER so your activated account can be accessed.

From the CityView Home Page, click the “Sign In” link. Input your Email address and password, click “Log In”. Once logged in, the system may take you to the summary of your Contractor Account (depending on if you just refreshed or completely logged out).

New Sign In Header

New Sign In

If the system does not bring you to the fees section, click the "My Items" link.

Contractor Reg Links 62

When the page changes, click the arrow to the right of My Contractor License Applications to expand the section.

Contractor Reg My Items 7

Click the “Pay Fees” button to pay the Contractor Registration Fee.
NOTE: Convenience Fees apply; $0.75 if using a check or 3.5% of the total fee if using a Credit Card. Other payment options if you prefer: you may contact our Cashier over the phone and we will accept your Credit Card payment with a Convenience Fee of 2.75% of the total fee, mail a check to the Village, or visit the Administration Office and pay with cash, credit card, or check.

17 Pay Fees

NOTE: your registration will not be active until payment is tendered.
Click “Make Payment”.

Contractor Reg Make Payment 8

You will be brought to the 3rd party vendor for payments. Please confirm the Contact and Mailing information that auto-filled for you matches what your bank has on file for your method of payment. Those fields are editable if necessary.

NOTE: do NOT use any dashes, slashes, or spaces when inputting your payment information.

Click “Submit”.

19 Payment Gateway

Allow the system to process then click the “Continue” button and the process will be completed.

20 Continue

Should you want a printed receipt of your payment, go to the summary of your account, scroll down to the Documents and Images Section. There you will find all of the documents associated with your business. Find the Receipt and click the link. The document will load as a PDF and you can print from there.

21 Receipt

Now just Sign Out and you are complete.

22 Sign Out

You have successfully:
Registered to do work in the Village
Created and Activated your Business' Portal Account
Paid the Contractor Registration Fee

Now you are ready to take advantage of all that CityView Portal has to offer!

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