Why register for CityView Portal?

Simply put, convenience and security.


Registering and signing in, lets the system know who you are. Hyperlinks make navigation more efficient. Use “My Account” to edit your contact information or change your password. If you are a contact on an application, the system can take you directly to your pertinent information by using the hyperlink “My Items”.

Security Levels:

Non- Registered Portal User can only “view” Property Information Summary. And only a summary of Building and Planning applications as well as Code Compliance Cases are visible.

Registered Portal User not only has the same privilege as a Non-Registered Portal User but also can complete the processes for submitting a code complaint, applying for a building permit, and submitting a planning application.

Once you are a Registered Portal User AND are a “Contact” on any applications or cases, your privileges are expanded even further. Now you can upload and view additional documents, pay fees, request/cancel inspections, and much more on those applications of which you are a contact.

Can you imagine if we allowed the Public access to any application/case? We don’t want just anyone scheduling or canceling your inspections or viewing your documents now, do we? If a Non-Registered Portal User or Registered Portal User who is NOT a Contact on an application needs more information, they can submit a Public Records Request.

Visit the CityView Portal if you are ready to register.

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