How do I use a mobile device to submit via portal?


Load a document repository app on your phone/iPad, One Drive or Dropbox are two options. iPhone and Dropbox will be used for this instruction sheet.

Place your completed application documents in that repository. A list of necessary documents for application types can be found on the Village Website Document Center. Remember to keep your files separate so you can upload to specific line items i.e.: Application, Property Record Card, Signed/Sealed Plans, etc.

Access the CityView Portal,, at the top/right corner you will see three horizontal lines, click on that dropdown, and select “Sign In”. If you do not have a portal account, you will need to create one. There is an FAQ (click this link to access instruction list) to assist you with that. Once you have created and activated your portal account, click the Sign In link, input your Username and Password, and Log In.


1 Sign In


2 Log In


Now, select the appropriate department (we will use Building Department for a Building Permit application in the following instructions)


3 Department

Select “Apply for a Building Permit”. Then, input the appropriate information in the fields displayed and click “Next”.

              4 Apply      5 Permit Info

Input the Location of the Work Being Done. If the location you registered your portal account with is the same as the job site, check the “Use my location” box. If the job site is elsewhere, use the “Search for an address”. This auto-suggest box will search for the address as you type. Once the appropriate address is found, click on it and it will display in the location selected box. Click “Next”.

The property Owner and Applicant (whomever is logged in and submitting the application) will auto-populate. Should you need to add Contractors, Agents, etc. you can use the “Search the address book” button and select your Contact Type and “Search” for the Person/Contractor. Once you find the person, click “Add this Contact”. Repeat this process to add additional contacts. REMEMBER: if adding Sub Contractors or Agents, you will need to upload the appropriate Sign-On Letter under the “Upload Additional Documents” section in the next step. Click “Next”.


           LOCATION:                                                                                          CONTACTS:

          6 Location          7 Contacts





Click the “Upload” button on the appropriate line item then, Click “Select a file”

        UPLOAD:                                                                                    SELECT A FILE:

        8 Documents        9 Select File


Select “Choose File”

                                                                     CHOOSE FILE:

10 Choose File

Use the “Browse” link on the top/left of your iPhone/iPad to go to your document repository. NOTE: One Drive is used for this instruction sheet. Then choose “Files” then select the appropriate document.

OneDrive:                                                                                  FILES:

11 One Drive     12 Files                


Select the file from your list and your attachment will display. You may add a comment if you would like. Click “Upload”. You will receive a notification that all documents were uploaded successfully. “X” out of that notification and repeat the process until you have attached all necessary documents.  

   UPLOAD DOCUMENT:                                                            SUCCESSFUL UPLOAD:

                 13 Upload Document   14 Successful Upload


You will see your attached file on each line item. Click “Next”


15 Document Displayed

Congratulations! You have just submitted an application and paid your fees via portal. The Village will be notified of your submission and will begin the review process. They will communicate with you via Email.

Review your information and scroll down to the “Agreement Signature”. Read the agreement and input your full name in the signature box. Complete the CAPTCHA by inputting the letters/numbers displayed in the available box. Click “Submit”


                             16 Agreement        17 Submitted Pay Fees

Now you can pay the Deposit Fee. Click “Pay Fees”

NOTE: There is a convenience fee of 3.5% of the total amount owed when using a credit card OR just a flat fee of $0.75 when using a check, no matter the fee amount. The credit card option is expanded by default. If you want to pay by check, click on the ACH/Check section to expand.


  • Ensure your Payee Information and Billing Address match what your bank has on file for your method of payment!
  • Do NOT use any dashes, slashes, or spaces when inputting payment information
  • Do not exit out of the payment vendor site, you will automatically be brought back to the Permit Application Status page once processed


Once you have confirmed your contact/mailing information, and entered your payment information correctly, click “Submit” and you will be notified the payment is complete. Click “Continue”


   MAKE PAYMENT:                                                            PAYMENT COMPLETE/CONTINUE:

                18 Make Payment   19 Payment Complete

Sign out of your portal session by clicking the drop-down box at the top/right corner of your screen and select “Sign Out”

SIGN OUT:                                                           


20 Sign Out


If you receive a notification that your application is Incomplete or your plans/engineer drawings need Corrections, below are instructions on how to upload those corrected submittals.


Sign into your portal account then select “My Items” from the drop-down box. Then select the permit requiring resubmittals.



21 Resubmittal My Items               22 Select Permit


Select “Submittals” then click on the BLUE BAR “Submittals”


23 Submittals                                     24 Blue Bar Submittal

Since you are uploading a corrected version of a document you previously uploaded, use the “Replace” button on the line item you need to resubmit then follow the same directions you did when submitting your initial application (select file, choose file, browse, files, upload)

NOTE: If you failed to upload a document initially and it is required, use the “New Document” button.


25 Replace Document


Continue on as you did your initial submission then sign out. The clerk(s) will receive notification of your resubmittal and will process accordingly.

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