What other rules and regulations should I know about?

Please see Sec. 30-812 of the Code of Ordinances for the complete regulations. Here are some important regulations to note:

  • Fertilizer shall only be applied to actively growing turf and/or landscape plants.
  • The nitrogen content of fertilizer shall contain at least 50% slow-release, controlled-release, timed-release, slowly available, or water-insoluble nitrogen per the guaranteed analysis label.
  • Spreader deflector shields are required when fertilizing via rotary (broadcast) spreaders. Deflectors must be positioned such that fertilizer granules are deflected away from all impervious surfaces, fertilizer-free zones, and water bodies, including wetlands.
  • In no case shall grass clippings, vegetative material, and/or vegetative debris be washed, swept, or blown off into canals, stormwater drains, ditches, conveyances, water bodies, wetlands, sidewalks, or roadways.

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