How to renew an expired permit?

Go to CityView Portal and Sign In.

Use the shortcut link "My Items".

Expand the “My Permit Applications” section. Here you can access all applications (active, inactive, in-process).

Click the “ADD A PERMIT” button.

1 My Items Permit Extension

Select “Permit Renewal” then tap “Next Step: Work Items”.

2 Renewal

The next page displayed is “Permit Application – Contacts” If you are not adding any Contacts to your application, you can select the “Next Step: Upload Files” button. If you are adding a contact, ensure you have proper supporting documentation to upload along with the required submittals and use the link “Add Business Or Contact From Address Book”. When complete adding contacts, select the “Next Step: Upload Files” button.

3 Contacts Permit Extension

The Upload Documents page should look familiar as it is the same as when you initially submitted documents. As a matter of fact, you can see the list of your previous submittals.

Use the “Browse” button to upload your required documents.

4 Submittals

Select the “Next Step: Review & Submit” button. You will see a message box stating your uploads are in progress then a confirmation “Uploads Complete”. Select OK.

Next, you can review your information, complete the CAPTCHA, and "Submit Application".

The last page is a confirmation that your Permit Application has been submitted. The Building Department will be notified of your submission and will contact you once the application has been reviewed. There may be fees associated with the Permit Renewal and they will be added during the review process. Fees, if any, may be paid through CityView Portal using either a Credit Card or Check. Please refer to the FAQ “How do I pay fees on an existing application?”.

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