How to request a building inspection?

There are several ways to request an inspection. Also, an explanation of the Inspection Section on the Permit Summary Page appears at the end of this FAQ.


STEP 1: “Sign In” to your portal account and select the “My Items” link.

My Items 1

STEP 2: Expand the “My Permit Applications” section. All applications in which you are a “Contact” will display. Find the permit (Reference Number) you need to request the inspection(s) and use the shortcut button “Request Inspection” for that permit.

Request Inspection Button 2

STEP 3: Select Inspection(s). All available inspections will populate on this page and you can select any inspection(s) you would like to request all at once by checking the box to the left of the inspection type(s) then click the “Next Step: Date and Time ” button.

CAUTION: If you are selecting an inspection type “OTHER”, please select this option singularly (not as part of several inspection types) as you will need to indicate what needs inspecting in the “Notes” box on the upcoming page and that note will be linked to all inspection types you have checked off. You will be able to easily return to the inspection list to select more inspections if necessary.

Select Inspection 3

STEP 4: Select a Date. Requests made by 7:00 am can be selected for the same day. Any requests made after 7:00 will need to be scheduled for the following day. Either use the drop-down calendar or simply type in the inspection request date.

The “Notes” box is available for communication to the Inspector. Reminder: that note will appear on every inspection type you have selected so if the note is not pertinent to each inspection type, select those needing notation singularly.

Duplicate the CAPTCHA in the box just below the image then select the “Next Step: Complete” button.

Select Date 4

STEP 5: If you find you forgot to select an inspection for that same permit, use the “Request Another Inspection” link found at the bottom of the “Request an Inspection – Complete” page and repeat the process.

Request Complete 5

STEP 6: Once you have requested all necessary inspections for that permit,  use the “Sign Out” link to log out of your portal session.

5 Sign Out


STEP 1: “Sign In” to your portal account.

STEP 2: On the Home Page under Building Department, select “Request an Inspection”.

6 Request Inspection

STEP 3: Input the permit number for which you need an inspection.

7 Search for Permit

STEP 4: Follow the same instructions starting from STEP 3 in OPTION 1, “Select Inspection(s)”.


STEP 1: “Sign In” to your portal account.

STEP 2: On the Home Page under Building Department, select “Status and Fees”.

9 Status and Fees

STEP 3: Input the permit number for which you need an inspection.

10 Permit Number Search

STEP 4: Summary Page. Scroll down to the Inspections Section. In the “Requested” column, select the link “Request?”

Option 3 Step 4 Request 6

STEP 5: Follow the same instructions starting from STEP 4 in OPTION 1, “Select a Date”.


COLUMN 1: INSPECTION displays the inspection type

COLUMN 2: OUTCOME displays the outcome of the completed inspection. If the inspection does not Pass, the reason will be displayed under the outcome result.

COLUMN 3: REQUESTED contains the link to Request an Inspection, “Request?”. Once you request a date for your inspection, the "Request?" will be replaced with the date you selected.

COLUMN 4: SCHEDULED once the Inspector confirms the inspection request, the assigned Inspector’s name, phone number, and Email link will appear. The confirmed date of the inspection populates in the scheduled field.

COLUMN 5: DATE INSPECTED column contains a “Cancel” link. This link may be used if you need to cancel the requested inspection but must be done PRIOR to the Inspector confirming the inspection request. Once the inspection request is confirmed, the “Cancel” link disappears. Upon completion of the inspection, the date completed will populate.

12 Inspection Table

NOTE: the “My Upcoming Inspections” section on the “My Items” page will NOT display your inspection request until confirmed and an inspector is assigned.  Once confirmed/assigned, you may use this section to view your inspection request, which inspector is assigned, their phone number, and Email address. Also, if you click on the inspector’s name, a complete list of their assigned inspections for today, the last 30 days, and (if assigned in advance) upcoming will appear. This may help approximate their arrival to your job site.

Upcoming Inspections 8

Inspector Schedule 9

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