How to request a fire & life safety inspection? (Vacation Rentals)

Access CityView Portal Home Page and click the “Sign In” link.

CityView Portal Home

Input your Email Address and Password then click the LOGIN button.

Sign In 1

You will know you are logged in when you see “Welcome and your name”. Use the “My Items” link to access your applications

Welcome Portal

Click the arrow to the right of the “My Planning Applications” line to expand and display your active applications. Click the “Request Inspection” button.

2 Request Inspection

There will be only one inspection type from which to choose. Click the box to the left of the inspection name and a checkmark will appear. Click “Next Step: Date and Time” button.

3 Select Inspection Type

Click on the image of a calendar to select a date. REMEMBER: these inspections are only performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please use the “Notes” section to provide a contact name and phone number for the inspector to set up a time to meet. You may use this same section if you need to leave additional information for the inspector, for example, a gate code or request to be called prior to his arrival. This area is only visible to the inspector so rest assured your information is private.

Next, complete the CAPTCHA. Input the characters in the box just below the CAPTCHA. Should the CAPTCHA be too difficult, there is a “Refresh” button to the right. Use that button to reveal an easier CAPTCHA.

Click the “Next Step: Complete” button.

4 Inspection Location

A confirmation page displays the details of your request. Use the Portal Home link to return to the home page.

5 Complete

Sign Out of Portal.

22 Sign Out

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