Auditor Selection Committee


In accordance with Section 218.39, Florida Statutes, Florida local governments are required to engage the services of an independent auditor to perform annual financial audits. Terms of the engagements are usually for five-year periods, and the legislative body may opt to continue with the same auditor at the end of the engagement term or bid the services.  Section 218.391, Florida Statutes, the auditor selection law, requires that whenever a Florida local government chooses to go through a bid process to select an auditor for the required annual financial audit and preparation of annual financial statements, the governing body must form an Auditor Selection Committee to assist the governing body in its selection.  One member of the legislative body must serve as the chairperson of the Committee.

The Village Council of Islamorada, Village of Islands, has established an Auditor Selection Committee for services beginning with the FY 2022-2023 audit.  The Council is seeking two residents of Islamorada, preferably with a finance or accounting background, to serve on the Committee.  Council Member Elizabeth Jolin will serve as Chairperson, and Maria Bassett, Finance Director, will serve as staff liaison.  The Committee will be seeking proposals in response to a Request for Proposals for Audit Services beginning with the FY 2022-2023 audit, and fieldwork will likely begin in early 2024.

Staff Liaison: Maria Bassett

  • Elizabeth Jolin (Chair)
  • Gail Gargano
  • Rachelle Keller
  • Joan Scholz

If you would like information regarding the Auditor Selection Committee, please contact Email Maria.Bassett or at 305-664-6445 . If you are a resident of Islamorada and would like to apply for appointment to this, or any other committee, you may do so by contacting the Village Clerk.