Parks & Beaches

Library Bench Park MM 81.5 BaysideLibrary Park Beach

Park Hours

8 am to Sunset
The restroom is closed at 5 pm

This park features a small beach overlooking a mangrove-lined creek, a playground for the kids, a pavilion equipped with grills for BBQing, an outdoor shower, and public restrooms. Swim at your own risk. No dogs permitted. No motor boats or PWC. No fishing.

Anne's Beach MM 73.5 Oceanside

Fully replaced after being destroyed by Hurricane Irma, Anne's Beach reopened on August 23, 2019. 300 feet Annes Beachof boardwalk, six pavilions, and a restroom at the north parking lot.

Beach Hours

Sunrise to Sunset

This beach has little to no wave action and offers a shallow swimming area great for young children and dogs. Anne’s Beach also features a paved parking area, a boardwalk, covered picnic tables, and public restrooms. Swim at your own risk. Dogs permitted; must be leashed.
No motor boats or PWC. No fishing.

SouthWinds Park MM 82.1

Park HoursSouthwinds Park

8 am to Sunset

This passive Park has a paved memorial and fishing heritage walkway, and parking area, and hosts events.No public restrooms.

No dogs permitted.

Plantation Hammock Preserve MM 87 Bayside and Oceanside

Park Hours

Sunrise to SunsetPlanitation Hammock Preserve

Passive park equipped with benches and nature trails. Public restrooms at adjacent Founders Park.

No dogs permitted.No motor boats or PWC.

Plantation Tropical Preserve MM 90.8

Park Hours

Sunrise to SunsetPlantation Tropical Preserve

Passive park featuring a kayak launch, nature trail, pathway, gazebo, Children’s Memorial Garden, picnic tables, and a paved parking area. No public restrooms. Dogs permitted; must be leashed.

Green Turtle Hammock Nature Preserve MM 81.2 Bayside

Park Hours

8 am to 5 pmGreen Turtle Hammock House

Passive park featuring nature trails, a kayak launch, a playground, and picnic tables. Dogs permitted; must be leashed. Portable restrooms onsite.

Key Tree Cactus Preserve MM 80.5 Bayside

Park Hours

8 am. to Sunset.

Key Tree Cactus Nature PreservePassive park featuring a paved pathway, a play structure, picnic tables, and benches.
No public restrooms. Dogs permitted must be leashed.

The parks are maintained by the Islamorada Public Works Department. For more information contact the Public Works office at 305-852-6933.